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What you'll need:​
Strong thread (sinew is traditional but it might be hard to get a hold of).
Metal ring of any size or a yogurt or margarine lid with the center cut out.
Medium size beads.

1.Knot one end of the yarn on the ring. Make sure to leave four or five inches to hang the dreamcatcher before winding the yarn tightly around the ring until it is entirely covered in yarn.

2. Tie off the yarn and knot the two remaining ends together to form a loop to hang the dreamcatcher on.

3. Cut off several feet of thread or sinew. Tie one end to the top of the ring.

4. The webbing is made up of a net of "half-hitch" knots (see below). To make the first knot, loop the thread over the hoop towards the back then bring sinew to the front again by pulling it up through the hole you've made between it and the hoop. Make sure to keep the thread pulled taut.

5. Going around the hoop, keep making these knots at seven or eight evenly spaced points.

6. When you get back to the top of the hoop, start the next round of webbing by making knots on the loops of thread from the first round.

7. Thread a bead into the webbing whenever you'd like.

8. You should have a small hole left when you finish the webbing. Tie a double knot and cut the rest of the thread off.

9. To make the feather tassels that hang off the dreamcatcher, cut a few lengths of suede to whatever length you'd like and tie them to the bottom of the dreamcatcher.

10. Push a few beads onto each piece of suede and tie knots in the suede to make sure they don't move. Push the ends of the feathers through the beads and voila - you've got a dreamcatcher!

Make Your Own Dreamcatcher

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