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​​about us

Our mission is to encourage girls in STEM education today, so we can increase the number of women in STEM careers tomorrow.

​​what we do

We create interest-powered and peer-supported products that make (S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering and (M)ath education powerful, relevant

and engaging for girls.



cStyle Bracelets

A programmable wearable bracelet that teaches coding skills 

We conducted focus groups and beta tested with over 200 girls to ensure that every product we create has been girl tested and girl approved. 

Visit our FAQ Page for more on our approach to STEM education. 

​​how we do it

I like PinkThink because of how it teaches STEM. That's how it should be, more for girls and not just for boys. Because girls are smart, too. 


San Francisco, CA

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Educational Opportunity Association

National Science Foundation

The Girl Scouts


The American Association of University Women

Girls STEM Network



PinkThink has partnered with the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy for

the President’s Computer Science for All initiative. 

Find out more about the initiative and our commitment here

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