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What you'll need:

kebob sticks








Follow the Fibonacci Sequence by adding the previous two pieces of fruits together and adding that many pieces of the next fruit to your kebab stick.  Your kebabs should have fruit in the following pattern: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5.....
1. Add a strawberry to the kebab stick by piercing the strawberry with the stick. 

2. Add a piece of pineapple next.


3. Add the previous 2 pieces of fruit together and put that many pieces of melon on the kebab stick. 


4. Add the number of pineapple and melon pieces and put that many grapes on the kebab stick. 


5. Add the number of melon pieces and grapes and put that many blueberries on the kebab stick.

6. If you can fit more fruit continue with the Fibonacci Sequence.


Fibonacci Sequence 

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