Make a Anemometer


What you'll need:

2 straws

5 small paper cups

Paper punch

Small stapler or tape

Pencil with eraser

Push pin

Recycled plastic container with lid (frosting, yogurt, etc.)

Heavy weight to put in container (rocks/ pebbles/sand/clay)


1. Use a paper punch and in 4 of the cups punch a hole about a centimeter down from the rim.

2. In the 5th cup punch 4 evenly spaced holes about a centimeter down from the rim and also make a small hole in the bottom center of this cup.

3. Make a small hole in the center of the rim of the plastic container.

4. Push a pencil through the center hole of the cup and also through the plastic cover of the container which will be the base of the anemometer.


5. ​If desired, add some weight (sand, rocks, etc.) into the container so the wind will not knock over the anemometer.

6. Slide one of the straws through the hole in one of the 4 cups that has only one hole in it. Bend the end of the straw that is inside the cup and tape or staple it to the inside of the cup.

7. Place the other end of the straw through two of the holes in the 5th cup. Then through the hole in one of the other cups. Also tape or staple the end of the straw to the inside of the cup.

8. Repeat the last 2 steps with the remaining 2 cups.

9. Make sure the 4 cups all have their open ends facing in the same direction (clockwise) around the center cup and pencil.


10. ​Push the push pin through the two straws where they overlap and then into the pencil eraser. 


11. Mark one of the cups with a marker! Use that cup as your starting point when measuring wind speed.

Pink Tip: 

When the wind blows count how many times the marked cup goes by in one minute.

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